We are excited to offer the newest hearing aid technology from Signia: The Signia AX. The Signia AX will change the way you hear the world by using augmented hearing technology. With a revolutionary split processing chip, the Signia AX uses two independent processors to help you hear better, even in the most complex listening environments. Sounds will be crisper and clearer while background noise is kept in the background, so you can hear the conversation even better than before.

With the Signia AX, you can enjoy:

  • iPhone and Android connectivity
  • On-the-go portable charger
  • Automatic situation detection
  • Own voice processing

With augmented hearing you will be able to have a truly individualized hearing experience. Try the Signia AX today!

Check out Signia's YouTube channel for more instructional videos here.

Signia Active Pro: Be Brilliant

Sleek and modern, the Signia Active Pro is as easy to use as earbuds but gives the listening experience of audiological high-tech. Featuring Signia Xperience YourSound technology, you can enjoy enhanced speech understanding even in noisy environments. The portable charger allows you to charge your devices on the go and gives you 26 hours of use per full charge. The future is here! Try the Signia Active Pro today.

Key Features Include:

  • Bluetooth Streaming
  • Rechargeability
  • AI Digital Assistant
  • Instant Fit
Signia Active Hearing Aids

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