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Comprehensive hearing services in the Cape Cod area.

At Simply Hearing, we offer a wide range of hearing services to better help you. Our comprehensive services range from diagnosing hearing loss to fitting hearing aids. Our expert team is knowledgeable in hearing health and want to help you hear better. When you come to Simply Hearing you will receive help with any of your hearing concerns. We believe patients deserve to be involved with their hearing healthcare, that’s why we educate our patients on their hearing loss and treatment options.

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Hearing Services at Simply Hearing

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We offer the following services to help you hear better.

  • Diagnostic Hearing Tests: The first step to better hearing is a diagnostic hearing test. This allows us to determine what frequencies and sounds you can hear as well as if you can follow conversations. Our professionals measure your hearing ability on an audiogram, which they go over with you after the test.
  • Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting: We go over your options for hearing aids based on your degree of hearing loss and your lifestyle. We will make a recommendation on hearing aids that fit your hearing needs and budget. Then we fit those hearing aids to your unique ear shape and program them for your hearing loss.
  • Hearing Aid Repairs: If you have a problem with your hearing aids we can examine the problem and make minor repairs in-office. If there is more serious damage to your hearing aids then we will send them to the manufacturer to be repaired.
  • Industrial Hearing Screenings: We provide hearing screenings that comply with OSHA standards for businesses. These exams are for workers who are exposed to dangerous levels of noise on a daily basis.
  • Real Ear Measurement: We are the only practice in Cape Cod to offer real ear measurement. This allows us to measure the sound pressure level in your ear canal when you’re wearing hearing aids.
  • Live Speech Mapping: Live speech mapping allows us to make real-time adjustments to your hearing aids. This is a more precise process to measure how well you can hear with your hearing aids.
  • Tinnitus Evaluation and Management: During your diagnostic hearing test we can evaluate for tinnitus (ringing in the ears). We also offer special hearing aids with a tinnitus masking feature to alleviate your symptoms.
  • Hearing Protection: We make custom hearing protection to keep your ears safe in any environment.

Bundled Services

At Simply Hearing, we offer bundled and unbundled services for our patients. When you bundle your hearing aid purchase, you will receive free visits, cleanings, and repairs for the life of your hearing aids. Bundling hearing services is a convenient option for those who want to come in for regular maintenance or who need additional help with their hearing aids. If you prefer not to bundle your devices then we have that option available as well. We offer both options to suit your personal preferences.


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Tinnitus, commonly known as “ringing in the ears” effects over 50 million Americans. Those who have tinnitus experience a ringing, buzzing, humming, or whooshing sound in their head or ears when no external sound is present. Tinnitus can effect anyone, even those who do not have hearing loss. Tinnitus is often more persistent or noticeable in those who have hearing loss because they live in a quieter world. Some common causes of tinnitus include age-related hearing loss, exposure to loud noise, earwax build-up, stress, head or ear injuries, or another related health condition.

If you have tinnitus, then come see us at Simply Hearing. Our expert staff has the knowledge and resources to help you manage the ringing in your ears. We offer hearing aids with a special tinnitus masking feature. Some other options to reduce the ringing in your ears include sound therapy or tinnitus management which involves listening to soothing sounds, such as ocean waves, to alleviate the annoying ringing. Come see us at Simply Hearing and we will evaluate your hearing for tinnitus and help you experience relief.

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