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Phonak Serenity Choice Comfort hearing protection at Simply Hearing in Falmouth, MA

Through our partner, Phonak, we offer a line of hearing protection devices known as Phonak Serenity Choice™. Serenity Choice™ is a high-end hearing protection solution from Phonak. Phonak Serenity Choice™ cancels noise and loud sounds, but lets the ear breathe while keeping relevant sounds and speech.

The Phonak Serenity Choice™ Comfort is a revolutionary form of hearing protection designed to reduce loud sounds to an acceptable level. With Serenity Choice™ Comfort you will experience:

  • Improved concentration
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced background noise

Phonak Serenity Choice™ is available in a wide range of options for your specific hearing needs. Whether you need protection for hunting & shooting, motorsports, loud work environments, live music events, or you need a device comfortable for sleeping, there is an option for you. Schedule an Appointment or Click Here to learn more about our hearing protection devices.

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