Hearing Aids

Advanced hearing aids for your hearing needs.

Hearing aids have advanced immensely over recent years. They are no longer big and bulky. Instead, they are sleek in design and incredibly discreet. Hearing aids now offer advanced technology so they can connect directly to your smartphone or TV, and can even adjust automatically to your listening environments.

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Hearing Aids at Simply Hearing

At Simply Hearing, we keep up-to-date with the latest hearing aid technology. Our professionals are experts in the different styles of hearing aids and can recommend which ones will help you hear your best. Also, because we are a private practice, we have the ability to work with any of the leading hearing aid manufacturers. We aren’t committed to just one brand. We can sell hearing aids from any manufacturer, allowing us to better help you. We even sell Lyric hearing aids, which are 100% invisible devices. Make an appointment today and discover your options for better hearing.

Hearing aids at Simply Hearing

We carry of variety of hearing aids in different styles and types to better serve our patients. We carry inivsible-in-canal (IIC), completely-in-canal (CIC), in-the-canal (ITC), in-the-ear (ITE), behind-the-ear (BTE), receiver-in-canal (RIC), BTE with earmold, and Lyric style hearing aids.

Bluetooth and Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Man with bluetooth hearing aids

At Simply Hearing, we offer some of the most advanced hearing aid technology available. Certain types of hearing aids feature Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth hearing aids you can stream music, phone calls, and audio directly from your smartphone or TV to your hearing aids. This makes for a more seamless listening experience. Bluetooth hearing aids are a convenient and easy option for those who do not want to use an intermediary device to listen to their loved ones on the phone or their favorite music. Bluetooth hearing aids can be adjusted and controlled directly through an app on your smartphone. You can adjust the volume of your hearing aids or your listening environments discreetly on your phone.

There are also rechargeable hearing aids, so you don’t have to worry about changing the batteries. With rechargeable hearing aids you simply place them on their charging station at night, and in the morning you have fully charged devices. Rechargeable hearing aids will last all day on a single charge and are a convenient option for those who don’t want to constantly purchase batteries. They are also a great option for patients with dexterity issues. Contact us at Simply Hearing today and discover how Bluetooth and rechargeable hearing aids can make your listening experience easier.

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