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Helping you understand hearing aids and hearing loss.

We understand you may have a lot of questions about hearing aids and hearing loss. Below we’ve gathered some common questions our patients have asked us. If you don’t see your question here, then we encourage you to contact us. Because we are a patient-centered practice we welcome your questions and want to help you as best as we can.

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Questions and Answers

When properly cared for, hearing aids can last 7-9 years. It’s important to clean your hearing aids regularly, and bring them in every 6 months for check-ups and maintenance. This will ensure that your hearing aids are in optimal condition and working their best for you. Although hearing aids can last for a long time, most patients upgrade their devices after 5 years to take advantage of the new technology.
Adjusting to hearing aids is different for each person. Depending on your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, and how often you wear your devices can influence how long the adjustment period will take. It’s important to remember that the more you wear your hearing aids, then the quicker you will adjust. If you don’t wear your hearing aids then it will take longer for your ears and brain to get used to them. You’ll also find it harder to understand speech when there is background noise if you don’t wear your hearing aids often. Be patient and continue to come in for your follow-up appointments so we can help make the adjustment process easier.
Hearing aids are no longer big and bulky. They now have a sleek design and some of them are even invisible. Hearing aids come in a variety of styles and in different colors to match your hair color or skin tone. Hearing aids are so small most people won’t even notice that you’re wearing them! They’ll only notice that you are hearing better and joining the conversation.
The hearing aids we carry at Simply Hearing are produced from the leading hearing aid manufacturers. They feature some of the most advanced technology for hearing and speech processing. OTC (over-the-counter) hearing aids are simple sound amplifiers. When you buy an OTC hearing aid, you aren’t getting the same customized care you would receive if you came to Simply Hearing. We fit and program your hearing aids to your unique needs and help you through the adjustment process. When you purchase OTC hearing aids you are only purchasing the device, you aren’t having it fit or programed for you.
In order to keep your hearing aids functioning properly and for a long time, it’s important to clean them every time you take them out of your ears. When you remove your hearing aids simply wipe them down with a clean, dry cloth. This will remove any earwax or dust particles on your devices. It’s important to also bring them in for professional deep-cleanings. We can change the wax filters and remove any wax and dirt build-up inside the devices to keep them working their best for you.
With Bluetooth hearing aids you can connect them directly to your smartphone. Depending on your brand of hearing aids, there is a corresponding app that you can download so you can control the volume on your devices and adjust them to your listening environments. Talk to one of our professional’s today about Bluetooth hearing aids and they’ll walk you through the process of downloading the app and using them.

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